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Electro-hydraulic Pile Driver

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Electro-hydraulic Pile Driver

Using the imported hydraulic system, Electro-hydraulic Pile Driver achieves the best matching of condition load by using the imported hydraulic system, main control loop and pinot control loop. The imported hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve and pipe connection together realize the high reliability of the system. Its unique heat dissipation system can automatically adjust the fan speed according to conditions. Electro-hydraulic pile driver also can rotate reversely to clean the dust of the vanes. The engine features low noises and vibration, environmental protection and energy saving.

Specifications of Electro-hydraulic Pile Driver:

Model EPD80 EPD58
Main hoist force(first floor ) (kN) 116 94
Stepped speed km/h 0~0.4 0~0.6
Hydraulic pressure (MPa) 30 30
Total weight including the configuration of stand (t) 100 86
Max. length of mast (m) 39 36
Swing speed (r/min) 0~1 0~1
Grade ability 22° 22°
Caterpillar track board is broad 850 760
Caterpillar track ground connection length 4790 5400
The mast constitutes the length 21;24;27;30;33 21;24;27;30;33;36
Complete machine external form dimension 10.29×3.3×3.2 10.29×3.4×3.3
The rope is fast m/min 0~20.5 0~21.7
Hydraulic pressure system pressure 30 30
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