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HOWO Heavy Truck

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HOWO Heavy Truck

HOWO heavy truck adopts CAN bus intelligent electrical control system, which is the first bus intelligent electrical control system developed in China. It has the functions of monitoring the operational status of vehicles, intelligent low temperature starting control of air heating system, digital information display of assembly instrument and complete self-inspection capability etc. The cab's main body of HOWO heavy truck takes whole steel frame structure. It completes the welding in the full-automatic robot production line and features stability, fastness, strong anti-collision and anti-oppression. So when the collision accident takes place, it can reduce the harm toward the driver. The design of rearview mirror and lower vision mirror is in line with the design of international heavy truck. The field view of rearview mirror, lower vision mirror and road surface mirror is very broad, which helps the driver to know the whole driving environment and to drive safely. The outline of HOWO heavy truck is very luxurious.

Detailed Description
1.Fact loading capacity (kg): 10000.
Kurb mass (kg): 7950.
Power (kW): 196.
Axles: 4X2 (2)
2. Fact loading capacity (kg):20000.
Kurb mass(kg):11910.
Power (kW): 197. Axles: 6X4 (3)
3. Fact loading capacity (kg):40000.
Kurb mass (kg):15430.
Power (kW): 247.
Axles: 8X4
4. Drive Cab: HOWO basic drive cab, new style seat (with mat and back heater, and air bag and A/C control button); up/down, forward/back just able steering wheel, big LCD screen and modern heavy truck CAN electrical system, all meters control by the digital motor, Euro style heater)
Engine: Styre WD615 engine, displacement reach Euro2standard. Steering engine: GermanyZF8098 steering engine.
Clutch: Hydraulic air control system.
Gear box: American Fuler 8 gears gear box (7 forward gears, 1 back gear), 4x2/6x3;
American Fuler 9 gears gear box (8 forward gears, 1back gear), 8x4.
Driving axle: front 7.5MT, back 16MT.
Tyre:12.00-20.Color: yellow, orange, red, blue, green, white.
Fuel tank capacity: 220L.

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