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Crawler Excavator

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    1. Hydraulic ExcavatorHydraulic Excavators adopts stream line design, with novel and pretty outline. It has large capacity air-condition in the cab, reliable electronic monitoring instrument and comfortable operating environment- low noise and low vibration.
    1. Excavator QFY-1Corresponding with Euro II emission standards, Excavator provides you with stronger power by its lower fuel consumption. Its extended strengthening crawler frame reduces the grounding pressure and improves its pass performance. Owning advanced industrial control system and new fault diagnosis system, its operation is simpler. The overhaul cycle of excavator is long, which reduces its maintenance costs.
    1. Mini Excavator QFY-2Mini excavator uses imported components, which are advanced and reliable.
      Mini excavator has reliable electronic monitoring instrument and high efficient engine, which is low-consumption and low-emission. Mini excavator possesses large-capacity and air-conditioned cab, which provides the driver with comfortable operation environment - low noise and low vibration.
    1. Excavator QFY-3Excavator has low fuel consumption and high operating efficiency. It introduces original imported computer chip CDCS primary controller. The comfortable operating environment of excavator is designed according to high-security, low vibration, low noise standards.
    1. Mini ExcavatorMini excavator adopts imported, advanced and reliable components. It has electronic monitoring instrument and high-efficiency, low-consumption and low-emission engine. Large capacity air-condition in the Mini excavator cab provides the driver with comfortable operating environment-low noise, low vibration. Using streamlined design, its outline is novel and pretty.
    1. Excavator QFY-4Using high-quality imported CUMMINS Engine: water-cool, in line and direct injection, 4-cylinder and four-stroke cycle diesel engine. It has the features of good power, high reliability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low noise, low vibration and low emission. The engine meets the second phase off-road vehicle emission standards of Europe, the United States and Japan.
    1. Excavator QFY-5Excavator has low oil consumption and high working efficiency. Its comfortable operating environment is designed according to high-security, low vibration, low noise standards. Excavator adopts imported computer chip CDCS primary controller and is easy to repair.
    1. Excavator QFY-6Excavator is easy and flexible to operate. All the manipulation, including walk, blade, working device and upper gyration adopt imported hydraulic pilot valve. The hydraulic pilot valve reduces operation force, makes the control stable and alleviates the fatigue of the operator. When pilot cut-off handle is set to "lock" position, all the operations, including move, blade, working device and gyration are all locked.
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