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Wheel Loader

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    1. 750 Skid Steer Loader750 skid steer loader uses mechanical parking brake mode, which is reliable and easy to operate. With its overhead radiator, it has a very good cooling effect. Equipped with security devices, such as reversing alarm device, door electric lock, safety handrail electric lock etc., 750 skid steer loader provides effective safety for the operators.
    1. Wheel Loader YFN-1By adopting the vacuum booster as its braking system, the whole braking of wheel loader is more safe and reliable. Hydraulic system can achieve electronic control and alternates high and low flux automatically, which ensures the vehicle has sufficient traction and a more rational power distribution. The cab of wheel loader is very spacious and uses stream lined internal design.
    1. Wheel Loader YFN-2The wheel loader has rational operation handle and steering wheel disposition, which make the operation easier. The intake system of engine increases the air pre filters and prolongs there placement period of the air filters. The emission of the wheel loader is inline with EU STAGE III and EPA TIER III. It uses independent cooling system off an motor, pressurized sealing cab and low-noise engine ...
    1. Wheel Loader YFN-3Wheel Loader has optimized the connecting rod mechanism, which improves the breakout force and the work efficiency, shortens the movement time of working device. Under the premise of ensuring its front and back frame intensity, its structure is more rational and its maintenance is more convenient. With novel outline, the vision of the driver is more open.
    1. Wheel Loader YFN-4Main components of Wheel Loader choose domestic brand products. Through the reasonable configuration of the computer, diesel engine and torque converter have a stable technical performance. Adopting articulated structure, wheel loader has a smaller turning radius and is flexible to veer. It owns a unique outline-streamline, which is pretty and broaden driver's perspective.
    1. Wheel Loader YFN-5As new multi-functional engineering machinery, Wheel loader is the new generation model that is developed by our company and university, on the basis of domestic and foreign advanced technology. It uses modern means of design, such as virtual prototyping and finite element analysis. Its performance is prior to the similar products. Wheel loader adopts a four-wheel rive ...
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    Traveling speed (2):4 km/h
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