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Concrete Placing Boom

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Concrete Placing Boom

The slewing mechanism of Concrete Placing Boom is closed braking mode, that is, except for gyration motor to pass oil, all the slewing brakes are closed, the whole machine can not rotate and its mix feeding arm is fixed, to prevent the collision. Wireless remote control and wired remote control are its two control modes. And with its multiple security devices, it is high in safety and low in use cost. The conveying winding pipe of Concrete Placing Boom is precision casting and its wall thickness is curve forming, ensuring uniform abrasion and improving its service life.

Features of Concrete Placing Boom
1) Max. placing radius: 40.83m
2) Swing angle of the arm: 365°
3) Working ambient temperature: -4 ~ 40°C
4) Full-automatic step-less-escalation type:
a) Height of the tower: 28.5m
b) Installation mode: hydraulic contractible support legs, wedge-tightening
5) Supportable load:
a) Vertical (KN): 154
b) Horizontal (KN): 34
6) Escalation mode: gear and rack, automatic step-less escalation
a) Escalation speed: 0.508 m/min
b) Escalation range: 3,000 ~ 6,600mm
7) Overall weight:
a) Fixed type: 15,000MT
b) Escalation type: 35.8MT
8) Power: 37kW
9) Electricity:
a) Rotating speed: 1,450r/min
b) System pressure: 30MPa
10) Hydraulic:
a) Flow: 32L/min
b) Capacity of the oil tank: 500L
11) Control mode: hand operation/remote control
12) Delivery pipe cleaning mode: wet cleaning/dry cleaning
13) Arm mode: 5-section, folding, full hydraulic
14) Radius of the delivery pipe: DN125mm
15) Length of the hose in the end: 3m
16) The first section:
a) Length: 9,080mm
b) Rotate angle: 92°
17) The second section:
a) Length: 8,000mm
b) Rotate angle: 180°

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