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Truck-Mounted Concrete Stationary Pump

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Truck-Mounted Concrete Stationary Pump

Truck-Mounted Concrete Stationary Pump uses whole-hydraulic reversing open system, which has high reliability and little reversing impact. The feeding/ discharging capacity of pump can reach 140 m3 / h and achieve stepless speed regulation. So it is applicable to various works. High/low voltage can switch automatically and the pumping applicability is better. It displays of operating parameters real-timely, suggests failure type and sets up multiple automatic protections.

Detailed Description of Truck-Mounted Concrete Stationary Pump
Concrete pump has many advantages, such as high reliability, economical, safety, wearable. The three main parts: chassis of concrete pump, boom system, electric control system are connected by hydraulic pressure system, gas pressure system, electrical control system .They send the concrete to the work site under the way cooperated precisely and coordinated accordingly. The concrete pump is the excellent equipment for city construction, tunnel, bridge, dam, and other concrete construction engineering, which demand the concrete large quantity, good quality and high efficiency conveying.

Chassis and Driving System (Truck-Mounted Concrete Stationary Pump)
Adopted Benz chassis with comfortable cab and superior quality, turbo, and electronic fuel injection system, the diesel power capacity is strong and can provide with durable driving support.
The motor speed is controlled by sensor monitor, which emits the corresponding command—when the motor speed decrease due to over loading, PLC emit a command to stepping motor to increase throttle in increments, and if opposite, PLC emita command to stepping motor to decrease throttle in increments. Through the closed loop PLC control, the motor can keep the best rotary speed, realize the scientific and reasonable running circles, and prolong the life span of the motor. Application of the computer optimized controlling technology, and combination of the electronic fuel injection system and automatic speed controlling technology, which decrease the fuel to lowest consumption.

Boom System
1. The scientific designed boom system has good reliability advantage. Boom–folding method is "R" model with the fulcrum in the upper part, which effectively uses the upper space. The low bary center of the whole machine makes the machine runs more reliably than the common ones.
2. It has remote control and hand control two control methods. It also adopts the computer ration control technology which realizes the freely speed change, reliably and steadily work and exactly fix location.

Hydraulic Pressure System (Truck-Mounted Concrete Stationary Pump)
1. The hydraulic pressure system adopts the closed loop system, so the discharge of the main oil pump becomes zero when reversed. There is no concussion which realizes the reliability of the hydraulic pressure system and boom system with the most degree. The hydraulic pressure oil is very clean and the temperature is low.
2. Main hydraulic components pumps and valves use German Rexroth, Stvff and American Vickers, Hawe which make sure the pump conveying system's large discharging quantum, high efficiency, long life span, stable performance and the continuity of long time continuing-work.
3. The booms' oil pump uses an axial piston pump loading with sense variable, which can adjust the output according to the actual working situation and decrease exhausting power and generating heat of the system.
4. With unique designed large stroke, the cylinders can meet concrete large discharging quantum demand, the reversed times are reduced, and the life spans of those easy abraded parts, like abrasion-resisting are prolonged.
5. The main oil pump adopts the electrical ration control and freely adjusts equipment, so the operator can adjust the discharge of the main oil pump through the button conveniently.

Pump Conveying System
1. With its large diameter concrete cylinders, the reasonable installing slope angle, and the hopper and "S" shaped tube and valve more suitable to concrete flowing rule, the whole system has strong adsorption quality for the material.
2. The "S" shaped tube is equipped with abrasion-resisting rings, so it can adjust the clearance automatically to ensure high sealing performance.
3. The innovative design of "S" valve, abrasion-resisting board, mixing axes, sealing groove and so on make it possible to convey 20, 000 stere concrete without change the easy-abraded parts like conveying cylinder' spiston, oil sealing, abrasion-resisting board and mixing part.
4. Adopt original oil tube from Italy and tube joint head from Germany, which enhance the pumping capacity of the system without expanding the diameter of the conveying pipe, and improve the defense from oil and water.

Control System
1. The electronic system uses Germany-made Siemens PLC programming controller, and the relay is from Japan-made Omron, which is strong in reliability and easy to operate.
2. With the three operating sets, control board, cable remote control and radio remote control. It is convenient to operate.
3. Remote controller made in German HBC company accords with the somatology structure design principle. It is light and flexible to operate.

Technical Parameters of Truck-Mounted Concrete Stationary Pump

Conveying Theory. conveyer quantum m3/ h 145
Theory. conveyer pressure MPa 7
Type of distributing valve "S"valve
Hydraulic system pressure MPa 32
Conveyer diameter stroke mm Ф230×2100
Main oil pump output ml/r 125+125(double pump)
Concrete falling degree mm 150~250
Direction exchange times Times/min 28
Diameter of pipeline mm 125
Hopper volume m3 0.65
Capacity of water volume m3 0.78
Capacity of oil volume m3 0.9
Chassis Chassis model Benz 4141
Chassis driven type 8×4
Distance between wheel mm 6300+1350
Engine module Benz OM501LA.Ⅲ/17
Engine power and speed kW/r 300/1800
Torque and RPM Nm/rpm 2000/1080
Engine emission standard Euro Ⅲ
Max. running speed km/h 85
Min. turning radius mm 12.95
Total weight kg 40000
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 12440×2490×3980
Max. climbing degree 53.1%
boom Perpendicular height m 46.2
Horizontal radius m 42.16
Depth reach m 32.52
Boom proportional distributing valve HAWE
Boom control system Manual, wire and wireless remote control
Boom folding system upper fulcrum "R+Z" mode
Slewing range degree 365 º
Arm number 5
Rotation angle of boom joints degree 94 º/180 º/180 º/180 º/265 º
Height of adding material mm ≤1500

Note: Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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