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Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump adopts portable and oil-saving original imported chassis. Using air-pressure water supply, it owns large capacity pressure water tank. Truck-mounted concrete pump washes in point-to-point way, with convenient and clean upper and lower water pipes. In the cab, there are multi-point mechanical feeding / discharging system in the left and right side, which is reliable and quick. It also has many optional features, such as vehicle traveling data recorder, GPS and automatic diagnosis.

Detailed Description of Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Conveying Theory. conveyer quantum m3/ h 145
Theory. conveyer pressure MPa 7
Type of distributing valve S valve
Hydraulic system pressure MPa 32
Conveyer diameter stroke mm 230×2100
Main oil pump output ml/r 125+125double pump
Concrete falling degree mm 150250
Direction exchange times Times/min 28
Diameter of pipeline mm 125
Hopper volume m3 0.65
Capacity of water volume m3 0.78
Capacity of oil volume m3 0.9
Chassis Chassis model Benz 4141
Chassis driven type 8×4
Distance between wheel mm 6300+1350
Engine module Benz OM501LA./17
Engine power and speed kW/r 300/1800
Torque and RPM Nm/rpm 2000/1080
Engine emission standard Euro
Max. running speed km/h 85
Min. turning radius mm 12.95
Total weight kg 40000
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 12440×2490×3980
Max. climbing degree 53.1%
boom Perpendicular height m 46.2
Horizontal radius m 42.16
Depth reach m 32.52
Boom proportional distributing valve HAWE
Boom control system Manual, wire and wireless remote control
Boom folding system upper fulcrum R+Z mode
Slewing range degree 365 º
Arm number 5
Rotation angle of boom joints degree 94 º/180 º/180 º/180 º/265 º
Height of adding material mm ≤1500
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